v2 White Paper


A fully decentralized, frictionless, yield producing, Artificially Intelligent token, on the Binance Smart Chain. Offering automated DEFI rewards to holders.
GLASS token uses a fair system of taxing each token transaction with a constant percentage. Reducing circulating supply, and redistributing GLASS rewards to holders to create further value for its users. It applies an automated, built-in regulatory mechanism, to mitigate the risks of price inflation, and gradually reduces total supply in proportion with transaction volume and frequency. At the base of the GLASS Token, is a unique reflector algorithm that utilizes programmed intelligence to implement a fair and consistent passive accumulation of tokens directly to holders’ wallets.
GLASS Token is also a unit for measuring ownership in the our.glass Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO): it facilitates the fair operation of the our.glass DAO, and enables the execution of non-hierarchical decentralized governance for propagation of decisions directed towards the achievement of the DAO’s specified objectives. Finally, GLASS will be required to access any future blockchain based decentralized applications and smart contracts deployed within the ecosystem.
Last modified 2yr ago